Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Working with children and teens I focus on providing positive and corrective emotional experiences through a therapeutic relationship. I utilize art, play, and poetry to help with the expression of thoughts and feelings while teaching communication skills so that children and families can feel understood. This can be very beneficial for supporting children, teens and their families during and after stressful life events.

We can rediscover strengths and build new skills. When I am working with a client, whether an individual or many persons in the room, I see them as capable and courageous. When children and teens feel heard and truly listened to, great things can happen: our little ones grow confident, know themselves and their strengths, and continue to develop into the person that they want to be.

Individual Therapy

I work with individual adults who experience anxiety and/or depression, adjustment issues that challenge emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being. I see clients specifically around parenthood, and other reproductive issues like infertility, pregnancy loss, and abortion.

Family Therapy

I am a firm believer in change occurs quicker when there are more people in a therapy session, united by the desire to help one another. I help families connect.

Couple Therapy

My goal as your couple therapist is to help each partner deepen their connection with themselves and their relationship to one another. Respectful coupling is a positive dynamic experience that can be created and maintained when each partner puts effort into making changes happen. You are worth it, your relationship is worth it.

According to the world renown couples therapists, John and Julie Gottman, 69% of all problems in marital relationships tend to be perpetual. As your couple therapist my aim is to help you learn how to connect rather than feel alone in your relationship.